NEW SafePaws® Travel Caddy! The first travel caddy that easily dispenses sanitizing wipes, dog waste bags and includes a spacious interior so you can carry treats, keys, phone and more!



  • Newly designed case dispenses SafePaws ® wipes and dog waste bags so you and your fur baby can stay clean on the go.

  • Designed with convenience in mind- carry keys, treats, phone. Perfect for walks, hikes and road trips.

  • Multiple attachment options- carabiner to attach to leash or bag, velcro strap to attach to stroller and clip and back to attach to pant waist for hands free use.


  • Travel Caddy Case 
  • SafePaws ® Travel Wipes- 20 count 
  • Dog Waste Bags- 1 roll ( 15 bags) 
  • Free Shipping Option Available with Travel Caddy Starter Kit 
  • Travel Caddy Dispensing System Patent Pending 

Wipes Not Recommended For Cats



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