The First Veterinarian Developed Sanitizing Dog Wipe that removes Dirt and Kills 99.9% of Bacteria- to keep the whole family Healthy at Home & on the Go!

SafePAWS sanitizing wipes Kill 99.9% of Bacteria for a deeper more effective clean yet are gentle enough to use from head to tail so you can keep your Dog, Home and Family Healthy! Our Travel Friendly Product Line was Designed so you can Easily use our Wipes at Home or on the Go.

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Where Has your Dog Been and What are they Bringing into Your Home?

Have you ever thought about the surfaces your dog touches outside of the home? From the streets to the park your dog’s paws and fur pick up dirt, mud and muck that are full of harmful bacteria and germs that are then tracked into your home. With SafePAWS you can easily wipe away the muck before it enters your home!

Keep all Areas of your Home Clean, Fresh and Bacteria Free-So You Can Snuggle More and Worry Less!

Veterinarian Developed. Veterinarian Approved.

SafePAWS was developed by a Veterinarian and Doctor team looking to create a grooming wipe that didn’t just mask the dirt but that actually sanitized! Our formula has antibacterial properties that easily removes dirt, drool, dander, germs or anything else your pup might get into.

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Not Only Do The Dogs Love Them, Their Parents Do Too!

Your New Favorite Travel Accessory

Have you ever tried to manage your keys, phone, doggie waste bags, and treats all while trying to hold the leash? Our Travel Caddy holds all of your Essentials AND Easily dispenses SafePAWS Cleaning Wipes & Dog Waste Bags so you and your Pup can stay Clean and Healthy on the Go! Great for Walks, Road Trips or Air Travel!

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